St. Paul's United Church

Petrolia, Ontario

4169 Petrolia Line

St. Paul’s United Church History

The St. Paul’s Congregation was first established in 1865 and the present church building was constructed in 1899. St. Paul’s was formed when the congregations of the Wesleyan and Episcopalian Methodists joined together as part of a nationwide act of union of all four branches of Methodism. Together they built a brick church large enough to accommodate both congregations in the main business area in Petrolia. When the United Church of Canada formed in 1925 this Petrolia church joined the newly formed denomination and the name St. Paul’s United Church was chosen by the congregation.

In the early years of St. Paul’s United Church, reported membership numbers ranging from 400 to 600 people with almost an equal amount enrolled in the Sunday School program. We currently sit with a membership of ___ with and Sunday School attendance of ___ and an average Sunday attendance of ___. Through the years our church family has seen increases to our membership through the welcoming of families from recently closed churches; these churches include: Marthaville United Church (1925), St. Andrew’s Brooke and Enniskillen United Church (2006) and Burns-Mooreline United Church (2011).